The Next 4 Years

'I would be honoured to be re-elected as Mayor and to continue to work together for Georgina's future.'

- Margaret Quirk

Maple Lake Estates



Thane Smelter


Mossington Wharf / Dredging of the Black River


Multi Use Recreation Complex


  • Public consultation on the design elements with user groups, residents and private sector organizations will begin later this year
  • 90% of capital construction costs, including the debt carrying costs, will be covered by the Development Charges the town collects on new development, the remaining 10% has been set aside already in a reserve fund
  • The business plan on the operational costs, including discussions with the YMCA will be developed once the final design is complete

Civic Centre Design


Public consultation on the design will include residents and private sector organizations/potential partners. Reports have shown that the dollars to maintain/renovate existing building would be better invested in a new building allowing for a more accessible building (compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act). It will also address other issues of air quality, safety and improve the function and overall operation for residents and staff.


The Link


New Pefferlaw Fire Hall


Business Park


  • Process draft conditions
  • Continue to work with the owner of the Business Park to fulfill the conditions of the Draft Plan approval and strategies to market the property
  • Move forward on making that business park a reality


Reserve Strategy


Outstanding Issues



  • report to come back to Council in early 2019 that provides for a work plan going forward that include time lines and the rationale for how to value the land including the costs associated with transfer and  sample pricing and how much time associated with zoning process and the meetings that this will involve to include the public in this issue
  • This Council has moved further along on a resolution to this standing issue than any other previous Council



  • Increased by law enforcement was put in place this summer while the longer term solution is developed
  • Public open house was held July 11th with a report coming back to Council in September
  • Further reports into 2019 will bring forward the issue of  what zoning and licensing can be legally put in place  in order to control and regulate short term rentals



  • The loss of the privately owned boat ramp/launch at Bonnie Boats Marina has left a void in that area, we need to continue to explore the options of replacing that ramp on publicly owned property


Emerging Issues

"Working Together for Georgina's Future"





"Working Together for Georgina's Future"
"Working Together for Georgina's Future"
"Working Together for Georgina's Future"
"Working Together for Georgina's Future"