About Margaret

On a personal note...


While Margaret has lived in Georgina for over 35 years, she was actually raised on a farm in Southern Ontario which helped make the transition to Georgina a smooth one. Margaret believes in finding and maintaining a balance between development and keeping the "small town feel" of the Georgina that we all love.


In her leisure time, Margaret enjoys gardening and many fitness activities and she is also a member of The Kinette Club of Sutton. She and her husband, a retired York Regional Police Officer, live in the Sutton area where they enjoy spending time with their family, grandchildren and friends.


As a graduate of the University of Guelph, with a Bachelor of Applied Science, Margaret managed a government employment office for over ten years that specialized in agriculture, before moving into the banking sector for 15 years working locally with President's Choice Financial. She also was a co-owner of a fitness club in Keswick - A Change of Pace - for 5 years.



A move into politics...


Margaret ventured into politics and was first elected as councillor for Ward 1 in the Keswick area in 1994, under her former last name Jordan. Successful in 5 elections, she held that position until 2010 when she decided not to seek re-election.  Margaret always envisioned a return to politics and in October 2014, was elected Mayor and has spent the last 4 years with Council, working together for Georgina's future.





Since being elected as Mayor, Margaret has been part of the following committees:

  • Economic Development Advisory Committee,
  • Waterways Advisory Committee,
  • Official Plan Review Committee
  • Link Steering  Committee
  • Lake Drive Shoreline Jurisdiction Ad Hoc committee
  • Member of Regional Council
  • Vice Chair of the York Telecom Network
  • Vice Chair of  the Environmental Services Committee
  • Director on Housing York.
  • Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority  (as a member - where she once served as Chair)


In the past Margaret was also on the following committees:

  • Thane Smelter Committee
  • Keswick Secondary Plan Committee
  • Biscayne Parks Committee
  • Economic Development Committee

just to name a few.

"Working Together for Georgina's Future"





"Working Together for Georgina's Future"
"Working Together for Georgina's Future"
"Working Together for Georgina's Future"
"Working Together for Georgina's Future"